Barrie Park

Discovery Course


This activity is for people ages 5 years and up and over 45" tall,  and is available at our parks in Stouffville and Barrie.

These courses are designed for young kids, but adults and parent can also participate if they would like.

Wearing a climbing harness and helmet, kids can make their way through our Discovery aerial game courses filled with wood bridges, balance logs, net walkways, zip lines and much more, all suspended 3-5 feet off the ground.

This course includes 9 games and 1 zip line that will give youngsters a fun and exciting experience.

Each visit to the Discovery Course lasts 1.5 hours long, and most will climb through the course 3 or more times within that time frame.

Adults are required to be in the Discovery Course area with their kids at all times.

Minimum Age: 5 years

Minimum Height: 45 inches

Maximum Weight: 250lbs

Adult Ratio: 1 adult in area for every 6 youth (Schools: 1 adult to every 10 youth)

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The Discovery Course is also great for people with special needs who are not able to operate the carabiners on our Zip Line & Aerial Game Courses, or people who are very nervous at heights.


Reservations Required