Brampton Park

Operating Season & Schedule


Treetop Trekking Brampton's regular season is from early April to the end of October annually. Please inquire about off season dates for larger groups.


Please note that we will open on any day from April to the end of October for larger groups. 

April - Reduced schedule, closed Mondays and Wednesdays (open Easter Monday)

May : Reduced schedule, closed Mondays (open Victoria Day)

June – August : Open 7 days a week

September: Reduced schedule, closed on Wednesdays

October : Reduced schedule, closed Monday and Wednesday (open for Thanksgiving Monday)



During operating days we have climbs starting throughout the day with the first 3-hour climbs generally starting in the late morning and the last start times being in the early to mid-afternoon.

Please remember that reservations are required to ensure that we have the appropriate number of staff on site to accommodate your group. For last minute bookings we will do our best to accommodate you even for that same day.