Adventure Park Construction & Franchise

Process Overview

We will use our 15 years of experience in the aerial park industry to lead you through the park planning and construction phase as quickly and easily as possible. We understand how important a new project is to you and our staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure your vision becomes reality.

Below is a general outline of the planning and construction of a new adventure park.

Planning phase (2-6 weeks)

  • Meet by phone to discuss your ideas and determine what your vision and goals are.
  • Site visit 1 – Treetop Trekking staff will visit your property with you to discuss what options are available, to brainstorm park ideas and decide on a potential layout.
  • Site visit 2 – Treetop Trekking will visit your property and present a general park layout. Once a general layout is confirmed a GPS inventory of suitable trees will be taken and game/ zip line lengths are measured.
  • Arborist visit – Treetop Trekking will arrange for its Arborist to visit the site to confirm the long term health of the identified trees (This may be done in conjunction with Site Visit 2).
  • Final presentation – Treetop Trekking will meet on site with all stakeholders to present a final park layout. Updates can then be made at partners request. Course alignment and difficulty ratings are confirmed before construction begins.

Construction Phase (8 – 16 weeks)

  • Tree/ forest preparation
  • Game construction
  • Platform installation
  • Zip line installation
  • Game installation