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Treewalk Village

Treewalk Village


Treewalk Village is a unique new adventure park concept for kids.

Now the youngest adventurers can get in on the forest fun, with this new activity ideal for ages 3 – 7 . The centerpiece of Treewalk Village is a network of colourful treehouses connected by 8ft tall hammock nets, ramps and slides. Once off the ground, guests are totally enclosed so there is no need for safety harnesses. In addition to the tree house network, Treewalk Villages can also feature tunnel networks, mini obstacle courses, giant net set-ups and other stand alone activities.

Top 5 benefits of installing Treewalk Village at your park:

  • Increase family visitation with this activity for ages 3-7+
  • Keep operating costs low. Over 200 guests for 2-3 staff members.
  • No need to purchase customer safety equipment.
  • Increase offerings for elementary schools and other youth groups.
  • Very high repeat visitation numbers.

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