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Treetop Trekking is one of North America's most experienced builders of zip line and aerial game parks. Since 2002 our team has constructed over 20 aerial parks in Canada and the  U.S. and we have the knowledge and experience to make sure your next zip line and aerial park is on the cutting edge of innovation, easy to operate, and unforgettable for you visitors.

Regardless of your budget or the size of property available, we have a project that is right for you.

Our Zip Line & Aerial Game Parks are a combination of games like wooden bridges, hammock nets, balance logs etc leading from tree to tree with zip lines mixed in. Users wear rock climbing style harnesses and lanyards to secure safely to lifelines throughout the course.

Whether for personal or commercial use, Treetop Trekking Zip Line & Aerial Game Parks are works of art in the trees that are sure to provide years of fun and enjoyment. We customize each park to your terrain and vision. You can be involved as much or as little as you like in the planning and design process. This is your project and we are only here to make sure it becomes a reality.

Choose specific games and bridge types, wood stains etc. or leave it up to us if you prefer.

Contact us today to discuss your project ideas.