Ganaraska Park

Zip Line Aerial Game Treks

Our parks are the biggest and most exciting in Ontario!

Explore our Treetop Zip Line Aerial Game parks where you will trek from tree to tree on fun games like suspended bridges, Tarzan swings, swinging logs, cable traverses and of course zip lines!

Each of our parks has a huge variety of courses ranging from beginner to advanced so there is fun to be had for just about everyone. Some of our parks even have extreme courses that will test the most athletic climbers.

Our Ganaraska Park has the Following Courses:

2 Beginner

1 Intermediate

2 Advanced

1 Expert

parcoursarbre2.jpgWhat ages can do it?

9 years and up and must also be 4'7" tall have access to beginner and intermediate levels only (must be at least 9 years old on day of visit)

12 years and up (must also be 5' tall) to move on to Advanced and Expert with guides permission

How long does it take?

Once you are done your safety orientation you will have up to 3-hours to climb as many courses as you meet the age, height and skill requirements for.

How much does it cost?

Please visit our rates page.

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Reservations are required, however we can often book people in at the last minute.


We can't wait to have you come trek with us!