Treewalk Village

School Trips


Please call to make your school booking: 844-369-0009

Let your students explore the wonders of nature in our safe and secure forest playground!

Our adventure park for kids is easily accessible from all parts of the Greater Toronto Area. Treewalk Village is located at Bruce's Mill Conservation Area, only few kilometers East of Highway 404, just north of Markham, Ontario.

Kids can let their imaginations lead the way while exploring our network of tree-houses, underground tunnels and other forest games during a 2-hour visit.

Treewalk Village is a perfect school visit for students aged 3 - 8, while older students will enjoy our Treetop Trekking adventure park also located at Bruce's Mill.


During a visit to Treewalk Village students will develop skills to:

- respond to new challenges

- participate and enjoy sustained physical activity

- set goals and solve problems

- communicate effectively

- contribute to their enjoyment of active living

- apply relationship and social skills as they participate in physical activity


School/ Camp Rate = $14.99 +hst per student

1 adult/ chaperone is able to participate free of charge for every 10 students. Additional adults will pay the rate above.

Please note that adult supervision is required. Ages 0-9 require 1 18+ adult for every 6 kids. Ages 10+ require 1 18+ adult for every 10 youth.


Call to find out more or to make a reservation: 1-844-369-0009

 All participants must have a waiver completed and signed. Parents/guardians must sign waivers for anyone under 18 years.


Who is eligible for the School/ Camp/ Scout rate?

As long as all the other stipulations listed below are met, this rate is available to:

  • Schools including home schools, official school clubs and school sports teams (clubs must be approved by the students union)
  • Scouts, Girl Guides, Cadets etc.
  • Non-profit youth organizations (charity number required)
  • Youth sports teams and clubs (youth is under 16 years)

When is this rate available?

  • Any day except for Saturdays and holidays

Other Stipulations:

  • Groups must be at least 20 people
  • For every 10 participants 1 supervisor is free (must still have at least 20 paying customers)
  • Free supervisor cannot be changed for a student
  • A 50% deposit is required