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While you are able to purchase Treetop Trekking eGift cards for round number amounts, many people prefer to gift someone the entire cost of our most popular adventures, including tax. The following are the current prices for a single admission for our most popular activities with taxes included.


Planned 2023 Activity prices including tax:



Zipline & Aerial Game Trek:

Ages 16+: $75.71

Ages 12-15: $64.41

Ages 9-11: $55.37



Treewalk Village:

Ages 3-17: $24.86

Ages 16+: $11:30



Discovery Courses: 

Ages 5-8: $30.51



Night Trek: 

Ages 12+: $77.97


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Please note that prices can change in the future without warning, however your gift card will always be valid for the $ amount you put on it.