New Treetop Trekking Park Opening in Hamilton!

We are excited to announce that we will be opening a new Treetop Trekking park in Hamilton, Ontario, at Binbrook Conservation Area! The park will open in the spring of 2019 and will offer a wide variety of adventure activities for all ages!

Where is it? The park will be located along the shores of Lake Niapenco, within Binbrook Conservation Area, which is in the City of Hamilton.

When does it open? The target opening date is May 14th, 2019

What activities will there be?

  • A 5 course Zip Line & Aerial Game Park.
    • These 5 unique courses will allow visitors to climb from tree top to tree top on over 80 different bridges, walkways, and zip lines
    • Ages 9 years and up
  • Treewalk Village Adventure Park for Kids
    • This adventure park specifically designed for kids will include a network of 10+ tree houses, connected by walkways, ramps, and slides, as well as other forest activities
    • No minimum age!
  • 2 Discovery ‘Kids’ Courses
    • Similar to our Aerial Game park, these courses will include bridges, games and mini zip lines designed for younger adventurers
    • Open to ages 5 years an up

Find out more about our activities here.

Gift Certificates can be purchased online by clicking here.

The park will employ over 25 full time and part time staff, including Guides, Office Staff, and Park Managers. Click here to find out more about joining our team.


Click here to see the full media release.

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