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Who we are...

With firmly established roots in Rawdon, Quebec, where our first adventure park was created in 2002, our company has charted an extraordinary path through the years, one adventure at a time. With over 20 years of experience in designing, building, and operating adventure parks and ecotourism aerial attractions, we have evolved to become The Trekking Group. 

Today, our company is divided into two specialized branches: the operation of adventure parks and the development of adventure and aerial attraction parks around the globe. 

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Taking it higher

Since our foundation, our passion for the outdoors, adventure, and environmental stewardship has driven us to create unforgettable moments for our visitors, whether they are adrenaline enthusiasts seeking thrills or simply looking for a family outdoor getaway. Our parks are designed to cater to all levels of adventurers and their diverse needs. We take pride in our history, our ongoing growth, and the tribe that gives meaning to our actions. 

Join us on this endless adventure through the treetops and the exceptional natural landscapes that Canada and the United States have to offer. 

Our mission is to design accessible, sensational, and transformative ecotourism adventures that promote outdoor physical activity while preserving harmony with nature. 


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The Trekking Group

Treetop Trekking is a proud member of The Trekking Group.

We have a passion for creating lasting memories through imaginative and exciting outdoor experiences at heights.

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Connecting people with nature through outdoor adventures to discover their true selves.

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Our portfolio of adventure parks

Our portfolio of parks bears witness to our commitment to exploring nature and outdoor adventure. In Ontario, the Treetop Trekking brand boasts 7 adventure parks. In Quebec, the company is responsible for the Arbraska brands, which include 7 parks (5 corporate and 2 franchised). We have also expanded our presence to New Brunswick with 2 franchised Treego parks and in Florida with 2 adventure parks, Treetop Trekking Miami and Daytona Beach Ziplines. Finally, our 4 Treewalk Village parks (2 in Quebec and 2 in Ontario) as well as our 2 uplå parks (1 in Quebec and 1 in Ontario) complete our offering of exceptional aerial experiences. 


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500+ dynamic and passionate employees

We employ hundreds of people across many fields of work. From guides, to construction crews, to administrative employees, we all share the same passion: providing meaningful and unique outdoor experiences to our guests. 

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500,000 annual visitors and counting

Each year Treetop Trekking welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors to its 7 parks across Ontario. 

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Always exploring

At Treetop Trekking, we are always adding to and improving our parks and activities to bring you the best in adventure park experiences. 

We sincerely believe that...

Engaging in outdoor activities enhances both physical and mental well-being. The invigorating experiences of aerial adventures, with their exciting and challenging nature, not only provide a thrilling escape but also contribute to a persons' overall fulfillment and happiness.

Embracing eco-construction goes beyond being a mere buzzword; it embodies an attitude crucial for the evolution of our planet. By actively participating in outdoor aerial adventures, individuals can immerse themselves in an effective learning method that accelerates and amplifies the assimilation of valuable information. Through these experiences, people can ignite behavioral changes and foster a deeper connection to nature, leading to a more sustainable future.

Aerial adventures offer a unique blend of excitement and enlightenment, making them an ideal activity for personal growth and development. Beyond the adrenaline rush, these outdoor experiences provide an avenue for individuals to achieve a greater sense of self-fulfillment and a profound appreciation for the world around them. By embracing such adventures, individuals not only improve their physical and mental health but also become agents of positive change for our planet's well-being.

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Our Commitments to:

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Guided by our unwavering commitment to eco-responsibility and inspired by the harmony between nature and humans, we meticulously design, develop, and promote aerial attractions using sustainable practices.

Upholding our dedication to preserving natural resources, we prioritize the utilization of organic, biodegradable, and locally sourced materials, fostering a healthier and eco-friendly approach.

As custodians of the environment, we firmly believe in minimizing embodied energy and energy consumption to safeguard our planet's delicate balance and ecological well-being.

We harmoniously integrate with the environment to preserve its natural essence and optimize space utilization, ensuring our offerings blend seamlessly with the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

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Rooted in our belief in the potential of every individual, the Trekking Group brand prioritizes the growth and development of both customers and employees alike. Our open and organic structure fosters team synergy, discovery, experimentation, and self-transcendence, contributing to professional, physical, and mental advancement.

Embodying an altruistic spirit, we actively nurture genuine, enduring, and mutually beneficial connections with our valued audiences. Our commitment to cultivating healthy relationships fosters an environment of trust and collaboration, ensuring the collective prosperity of all involved.

Acknowledging that perfection can hinder progress, we adopt an open-minded, understanding, and tolerant approach. Encouraging a culture of acceptance and learning, we embrace imperfection as an opportunity for growth and continuous improvement, fostering a supportive environment for all.

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True, honest and down-to-earth, we don't play games, we are true to our convictions, to ourselves and to our peers.

Our Story

Jean-Marie Bévillard Rawdon Park Arbraska Rigaud Park Arbraska Barrie Discovery Course Mont St-Gregoire Abraska Park Arbraska Rawdon Arbre-en-Ciel Ganaraska Zipline & Aerial Game Trek Brampton Heart Lake Canopy Tour Treetop Trekking Stouffville Rope Wall Treewalk Village Stouffville 1000 Islands Treetop Trekking Arbre-en-Ciel Arbraska Daytona Beach Treetop Trekking Treetop Trekking Hamilton Lakeview Treetop Trekking Award of Excellence Treetop Trekking Ontario's Choice Award Treetop Trekking Miami UPLA Mont Ste-Gregoire UPLA at Treetop Trekking Stouffville

Our Story Begins

The Treetop Trekking story began in 2001, when Jean-Marie Bévillard arrived in Quebec from France. Shortly after his arrival, he enrolled in an entrepreneurial course taught by Stéphane Vachon in Montreal. During the course, Stéphane asked his students to prepare a business plan for a dream business that they would one day like to own.


Being from Grenoble, France, Jean-Marie immediately decided to make his business plan for a treetop adventure park, similar to one that was very successful back in Grenoble, knowing that nothing like this existed in Canada.


Impressed by the idea, Stéphane decided to partner up with Jean-Marie to make his dream a reality. The rest is history!

The First Steps

Treetop Trekking’s Quebec division opened its doors in Rawdon, Quebec in June 2002, in Québec’s Lanaudière region near Montreal. Under the company name ‘Arbraska’, it became the pioneer in treetop adventure parks in Quebec.

New ground

Arbraska opens its second park in Rigaud, Quebec, west of Montreal.

A new home

Arbraska expands to the Ontario market and adopts the name Treetop Trekking for its Ontario operations. Treetop Trekking Horseshoe Inc., near Barrie, opens as the first adventure park in Ontario.

Forests and Mountains

Arbraska opens its third Quebec location, Mont St-Gregoire, south of Montreal.


Arbraska Rawdon wins a gold medal for being the best Adventure Tourism Business in Quebec!

Grand expansion

Treetop Trekking opens its second Ontario park, Ganaraska near Port Hope in April, and a third Ontario park, in Huntsville in June.


Arbraska opens a franchise park at Duchesnay near Quebec City.

Team up!

Treetop Trekking enters into a partnership with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and opens its fourth Ontario location in Brampton at Heart Lake Conservation Area on August 1st.


Arbraska purchases an existing adventure park in Val-Des Monts, Quebec, completes significant upgrades and re-brands it as Arbraska Lafleche.

A leap forward

Treetop Trekking opens its fifth Ontario park in Stouffville at Bruce’s Mill Conservation Authority (TRCA).

A lasting legacy

The Arbraska/ Treetop Trekking family sadly says goodbye to co-founder Jean-Marie Bévillard, who loses his battle with Cancer.


Treetop Trekking introduces a new adventure park for kids called Treewalk Village at its Stouffville location.


Treetop Trekking operates the Ontario Celebration Zone Zipline on the Toronto waterfront during the Pan-Am Games.


The Treetop Trekking/ Arbraska’s name is now over 15 years old and is proud to be the leader in treetop challenge game and zip line adventures in Eastern Canada.

Building new roads

Treetop Trekking opens a constructions division in the United States.


Treetop Trekking builds Skywood Eco-Adventure Park, to be operated by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission.

A provincial favourite

Treetop Trekking is voted Ontario’s Top Outdoor Attractions in the Attractions Ontario, Peoples Choice Awards.


Arbraska opens two Treewalk Village kids parks at its Rawdon and Rigaud locations, under the name Village Arbre-en-Ciel.

Our friends to the south

Treetop Trekking enters the U.S.A market with the purchase of Daytona Beach Zipline Adventure, in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Treetop Trekking comes to Hamilton

Treetop Trekking opens it’s 6th location in Ontario at Binbrook Conservation Area in Hamilton.


Treewalk Village is awarded the Brass Ring Award for Best New Kids Attraction, at the International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions conference in Orlando Florida


Treetop Trekking is named Ontario’s Attraction of the Year 2020 in the  Ontario Tourism Industry Awards of Excellence. Treetop Trekking is awarded Ontario’s Top Outdoor Attraction 2020 at Attraction Ontario’s Peoples Choice Awards.

Adventure Awards

Treetop Trekking was once again won the Ontario's Choice Award in the Tourism Industry! 

New Beginnings

Treetop Trekking acquires Skywood Eco-Adventure on the banks of the St. Lawrence, becoming Treetop Trekking 1000 Islands. 

Treetop Trekking also opens its second U.S. park in Miami Beach.  

An all new adventure.

Arbraska opens its newest attraction uplå at Mont Ste-Gregoire.

uplå comes to Ontario

Treetop Trekking opens its newest attraction uplå in Stouffville.

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On May 4, 2024, 25% of proceeds from all activities at all seven parks across Ontario went to supporting Kids Help Phone! 

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