1000 Islands

Between Brockville and Kingston, ON

1000 Islands Ziptour

Family adventures in true nature

Our newest park in the province, 1000 Islands sits pretty in Ontario’s premier waterfront destination — near the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Take in big views from your adventure through the towering white pines in this idyllic location nestled between Brockville and Gananoque. 

Check out this new package only offered at our 1000 Islands park:

Climb & Cruise

Take the scenic views of the 1000 Islands from the trees and the river! Book the Zipline & Aerial Game Trek at Treetop Trekking 1000 Islands and a boat cruise with Rockport Cruises forr a fun day trip.

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Activities offered at this park

Zipline & Aerial Game Trek Treetop Trekking

Zipline & Aerial Game Trek

Test your strength and balance as you and your group traverse the tall trees, leap off wooden platforms, and zipline across breathtaking lakes. 

Ages 9+ & 55 inches tall & max 250lbs. 3 - hours From $49-$67
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Discovery Courses

Introduce your little trekkers to a wonderful world of wooden bridges, tightropes, net walkways, mini ziplines, and more — all suspended in the trees, 3 to 5 feet off the ground. 

Ages 5-8 & 45 inches tall & max 250lbs. 1.5 - hours From $27
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Treetop Trekking Treewalk Village

Treewalk Village

Step into a colourful, enchanting world of miniature wooden fortresses, winding slides, sturdy rope bridges, and towering hammocks — high in the trees.

No minimum age or height, but max 250 lbs. 2 - hours From $10-$27
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Night Trek Bridge

Night Trek

Experience nature in a whole new light as you hike, swing, and maneuver your way through the trees — with only the moon and a headlamp as your guides. 

Ages 12+ & 55 inches tall & max 250 lbs. 3 - hours From $69
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Treetop Trekking Team Building Activity

Team Building Programs

Gather your work colleagues, sports teammates, or school peers and take it to the trees — together, you can engage in a team-building adventure that’s designed to challenge, motivate, and excite. 

Ages 9+ 1.5-hours From $20.25
New 1000 Islands Treetop Trekking Ziptour

1000 Islands Ziptour

The 1000 Islands Zip Tour features a series of 5 ziplines, with the longest reaching over 1000 ft in length.

Ages 12+ & 60 inches tall & max 250 lbs 1 - hour From $25-$60
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Birthday Parties Treetop Trekking

Treewalk Village Birthday Packages

They will never forget a birthday party in Treewalk Village, and you get to keep the party away from your house! All packages include 2-hours of play time in Treewalk Village.

No minimum age or height, but max 250 lbs. 3-hours From $300
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Nearby Amenities


Hiking Trails

There are hiking trails located on the premise of Treetop Trekking as well as at the nearby Jones Creek National Park


Picnic Areas

There are picnic tables located around the Treetop Trekking park for guests to use, and that can be rented for parties or larger groups! 



A beach area is located in Mallorytown Landing. Visit their website for a map of the town as well as the dock and beach.

Park Map

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