Heart Lake Conservation Area, ON

Blue Heron Zipline Brampton

Unreal nature adventures near the city

Located in the natural oasis that is Heart Lake Conservation Area, our Brampton park provides impressive water views and mature forest fun — without ever leaving the city. Pack a picnic, prepare for a bustling atmosphere, and be sure to try the Blue Heron twin ziplines that soar across Heart Lake. 

Activities offered at this park

Zipline & Aerial Game Trek Treetop Trekking

Zipline & Aerial Game Trek

Test your strength and balance as you and your group traverse the tall trees, leap off wooden platforms, and zipline across breathtaking lakes. 

Ages 9+ & 55 inches tall & max 250lbs. 3 - hours From $49-$67
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Night Trek Bridge

Night Trek

Experience nature in a whole new light as you hike, swing, and maneuver your way through the trees — with only the moon and a headlamp as your guides. 

Ages 12+ & 55 inches tall & max 250 lbs. 3 - hours From $69
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Treetop Trekking Team Building Activity

Team Building Programs

Gather your work colleagues, sports teammates, or school peers and take it to the trees — together, you can engage in a team-building adventure that’s designed to challenge, motivate, and excite. 

Ages 9+ 1.5-hours From $20.25
Blue Heron Zipline Treetop Trekking

Blue Heron Zipline

Take your wildest ride yet and maximise your momentum, as you zoom at top speed — 1,000 feet back-and-forth over Heart Lake.

Ages 9+ & 55 inches tall & max 250 lbs. 45 - minutes From $19-$40
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Sunset over Heart Lake

Sunset Canopy Walk

Stroll the treetops as the fiery sun dips below the horizon, turning day to night — and experience it all with new views from stable observation platforms up to 60 feet high in the forest canopy.

Ages 9+ & 55 inches tall & max 250 lbs. 1 - hour From $36
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Forest Bathing Treetop Trekking

Forest Bathing

Led by a certified Forest Therapy Guide, this rejuvenating experience will help you tap into a heightened level of awareness, relieving stress, balancing mood, and regulating the nervous system. 

Ages 9+ 3 - hours From $60
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Brampton Lakeside

Red-Tailed Hawk Observation Course

Experience never-before-seen views of Heart Lake as you climb to heights of up to 60 feet in the air, traversing a series of 25 stable wood-and-rope bridges. 

Ages 9+ & 55 inches tall & max 250 lbs. 1.5 - hours From $15-$36
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GPS Rally Treetop Trekking

GPS Rally

Put your sense of direction and creative thinking to the test with this unique, interactive treasure hunt through the trees — armed with only a GPS unit, a compass, and clues.

Ages 5+ 2 - hours From $13.27

Other Park Amenities


Picnic Area

Heart Lake Conservation Area has lots of picnic tables and areas to rent. Please visit their website for availability.


Pool & Splash Pad

There is a pool and splash pad located at the conservation area that is open to the public! Visit their website to see when they are open and their rates. 


Hiking Trails

Heart Lake Conservation Area has hiking trails open to the public. Visit their website for a park map and the hours of operation! 



Heart Lake Conservation Area has designated fishing areas as well as a hands-on program to learn how to fish! Visit their website for more information and how to book a course. 

Park Map

Brampton Park Map

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Hanging during a Night Trek Treetop Trekking
May 1st, 2024

Open Night Treks!

Take on our aerial courses at night. Yes it’s a thing!

Sunset Canopy Walk Brampton
January 31st, 2024

Dates to Participate in a Sunset Canopy Walk!

Emerse yourself in nature and see the colours of the sunset over Heart Lake in Brampton! 

Smiling guide Treetop Trekking
November 15th, 2023

Why Work at Treetop Trekking?

Learn from our staff why working at Treetop Trekking is life-changing! 

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