Trekking’s more fun when you share it with friends — let’s plan your next team outing in the trees. 

Treetop Trekking Groups

Corporate Adventures

Gather your colleagues and take it to the trees for an unforgettable team-building adventure that’s designed to build camaraderie and group skills.

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Sport Teams & Clubs

Grab your entire team and head to the trees to show off a different type of athleticism in nature.

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Sports Teams & Clubs Treetop Trekking

School & Camp Groups

A day with friends high in the forest canopy makes a thrilling addition to any school group or summer camp itinerary.

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Schools & Camps Groups Treetop Trekking

Tour Groups

With outdoor activities and experiences that range from restorative and easygoing to downright invigorating, it’s easy to see why our adventure parks have been a tour group favorite for 15+ years. 

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