Corporate Adventures

Spend an unforgettable day outside with your co-workers! It’s time to re-connect and reboot with one of our nature experiences.

Zipline & Aerial Game Trek Rope Ladder

Reconnect Your Team

Gather your colleagues and take it to the trees for an unforgettable team-building adventure that’s designed to build camaraderie and communication skills. Whether you want to challenge and motivate or recharge and release, our range of group activities, strategic games, and wellness experiences will help your team connect on an entirely new level in nature.

Our adventure activities can be adapted to help meet your corporate team building goals, and our friendly staff are here to ensure you have a memorable day. 


Benefits of Corporate Team Building with Treetop Trekking

  • Connect with co-workers in a fun atmosphere
  • Experience something new together as a team
  • Develop important skills like communications and problem solving
  • Enjoy a day away from your workplace where you REALLY get to know each other


The activities below are some of our most popular adventures for corporate groups.

Adventures for Adults

Night Trek Huntsville2021 3

Night Trek

Experience nature in a whole new light as you and your grouphike, swing, and maneuver your way through the trees — with only the moon and a headlamp as your guides. 

3-hours Share a wild experience together
1000 Islands

Adventures for Adults and Youth

1000 Islands Treetop Trekking Ziptour

1000 Islands Ziptour

Enjoy the 1000 Islands like never before during our exhillirating Ziptour. You and your group can soar like an eagle through the forest canopy, and along the edge of Jones Creek. This experience features 5 ziplines, with some reaching lengths of close to 1000 ft! 

1-hour Unite your group as you share a new experience
1000 Islands
Ground View Zipline & Aerial Course

Aerial Game Trek with Ziplines

Test your strength and balance as you and your group traverse the tall trees, leap off wooden platforms, and zipline across breathtaking lakes. 

3-hours A fun and active adventure for all group types
Brampton Blue Heron Zipline

Blue Heron Ziplines

Groups will love soaring across Heart Lake during the Blue Heron Ziptour. These mega-ziplines offer thrill seekers the experience of a lifetime that you 

1-hour Step out of your comfort zone together
GPS Rally Treetop Trekking

GPS Rally

Put your sense of direction and creative thinking to the test with this unique, interactive treasure hunt through the trees — armed with only a GPS unit, a compass, and clues.

1-hour Work together to solve fun challenges
Brampton Lakeside

Red-tailed Hawk Observation Course

Our Red Tail Hawk Observation Course is for people who want to enjoy the atmosphere of Treetop Trekking and nature at a slower pace. This activity is perfect for groups that want more of a nature experience, without the heart pumping thrills.  

1-2 Hours Enjoy a peaceful nature experience with your group
Treetop Trekking Team Building Activity

Team Building

Gather your work colleagues, sports teammates, or school peers and take it to the trees — together, you can engage in a team-building adventure that’s designed to challenge, motivate, and excite. 

1.5-hours Build communication and problem solving skills
UPLA at Treetop Trekking Stouffville


Experience weightlessness in this vibrant, suspended outdoor trampoline park that includes spiral slides, lookout points, and secret passages. You and your group will be talking about this for years to come!

2-hours Jump, laugh and play together.

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