Red-Tailed Hawk Observation Course

Enjoy a bird's eye view.

Brampton Lakeside

Age and height

Ages 9+ & 55 inches tall & max 250 lbs.


1.5 - hours


From $15-$36

Soar to new heights! 

Experience never-before-seen views of Heart Lake as you climb to heights of up to 60 feet in the air, traversing a series of 25 stable wood-and-rope bridges. Although this adventure is less physically demanding than the Zipline & Aerial Game Trek, you’ll be equipped with a harness and helmet to ensure safety as you progress from one observation platform to the next. 

Brampton Lakeside Treetop Trekking

What to Expect

Who is this activity for?

Our Red Tail Hawk Observation Course is for people who want to enjoy the atmosphere of Treetop Trekking and nature at a slower pace. The observation deck and bridges allow our customers to walk through nature in the treetops! This activity is ideal for couples, friends, families, or coworkers! 

See below for detailed customer requirements. 

The Customer Journey

Here is what to expect for your journey:

  1. Make a reservation online or over the phone
  2. Arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled climb 
  3. Check-in at our office 
  4. Get geared up in a harness and helmet 
  5. Complete a safety orientation with one of our Guides 
  6. Use the remaining 1-2 hours to walk in the treetop canopy and enjoy nature! 
  7. Have a snack or a drink and come back to our main office for a souvenir, gift card, or to create another booking! 
  8. Relax and enjoy your surroundings! 
Red-Tailed Hawk Observation Course

Need to Know

Guest Requirements

To participate in this activity, you must meet the following:

  • Minimum age: 9 years old the day that you climb
  • Minimum height with shoes on: 1.4 meters or 55 inches tall (4'7")
  • Maximum weight: 250 lbs 
  • Pregnant women are asked to not participate for safety reasons
  • You must comfortably fit into our harnesses


Adult Accompaniment

All minors must have adults present in the park during their activities. The adults don't have to participate in the activity, but must be present in the activity area at all times. 

  • Ages 9-17 require an adult (18+) present on site at all times (1 adult for every 6 youth)

What to Bring


  • Closed toed shoes like running shoes (no crocs or sandals)
  • Long hair tied back



  • Comfortable athletic clothing
  • If wearing shorts, wear longer shorts down to knee
  • Tight fitting gloves (usually available for purchase)
  • Layers and rain gear depending on weather


Other things to bring: 

  • Completed waiver (online)
  • Snacks and drinks (usually available for purchase)
  • Phone or camera to take pictures
  • Please leave all valuables at home or locked in your car

What Happens in Bad Weather

Our activities proceed rain, snow or shine so please dress for the weather.

If there is a thunderstorm, or high winds we may have to postpone your activity. In most cases the activity can resume that same day, but if this extreme weather continues, we may have reschedule you to another day. 

If you are concerned about the forecast on the day of your visit, please call the park you are visiting well ahead of time to discuss the options available. 

Reservations and Waiver

We strongly recommend that you make a reservation for this activity, because there are many days when we sell out, or don't have spaces available. 

The easiest and fastest way to make a reservation is online using the Book Now button. If your group has special requirements, you can also book by phone, by calling the park directly. 


A liability waiver must be completed ahead of time for each participant in the group. Each minor must have a waiver completed for them, and signed by a parent or guardian. Once you have made a reservation, you will receive a link to the online waiver by email. Please forward this email to all group members. 

You can also find a link to each parks waiver at the bottom of this page.

Brampton Blue Heron Zipline

94km from Niagara Falls


Heart Lake Conservation Area, ON

Located in the natural oasis that is Heart Lake Conservation Area, our Brampton park provides impressive views and mature forest fun — without ever leaving the city.  

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Night Trek
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