Construction & Maintenance Crew

Looking for a job that's out of the ordinary?

Treetop Trekking is seeking hard working and motivated individuals to join our growing maintenance and construction crew. Our maintenance and construction crew is responsible for maintaining and expanding our network of 12 adventure parks in Ontario and Quebec, as well as building new adventure parks around the world.

This position is not connected to a specific location, as long as you are near one of our parks.

Hiring and start dates are open ended.

Personal Qualifications: 

  • Good physical conditions and endurance 
  • Hard working, self-motivating and positive attitude 
  • High attention to detail and a sense of pride in ones work  
  • Comfortable working at heights 
  • Works well in a team but shows initiative and is self reliant when needed 
  • Enjoys working long days outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Must be professional and punctual 

Preferred Experience: 

  • Has a college or university degree in a related field 
  • Experience working in adventure parks, rock climbing, tree work etc. 
  • Carpentry or construction experience 
  • Valid drivers license 
  • Experience using power tools

Working Conditions:

  • Must be willing to travel at times and work remotely for extended periods
  • Extended work hours will be required at times in order to meet deadlines
  • Opportunities available to move up within the organization


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