Climb and Cruise in the 1000 Islands

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It's time to set sail!

Here's your ideal way to combine two of the 1000 Islands regions most popular outdoor activities. In the morning enjoy a 3-hour Zipline & Aerial Game Trek with us at Treetop Trekking, and then in the afternoon enjoy the 1-hour Heart of the Islands boat cruise through the picturesque 1000 Islands with Rockport Cruises.

This adventure is perfect for just about everyone aged 9+ that is at least 4'7" tall. 

Once a booking is made for this package, Treetop Trekking staff will reserve your afternoon boat cruise for the same day with Rockport Cruises.


Package Rates: 

Ages 9-11: $73 +hst

Age 12: $81 +hst

Ages 13-15: $93 +hst

Ages 16+: $103 +hst


Available dates (subject to availability):

May and June: Weekends

July and August: 7 days a week 

September and October: Weekends 


Package daily itinerary: 

9:30am Arrive at Treetop Trekking

10am - 1pm Treetop Trekking Zipline & Aerial Game Trek activity

Drive yourself 15 minutes  from Treetop Trekking to Rockport Cruises along the Thousand Islands Parkway (Get Directions) We recommend bringing a lunch to eat along the way, or grabbing something quick at the Rockport Cruise port area.

2pm - 3pm Rockport Cruises Heart of the Islands boat tour (Later times available some days)

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