Discovery Kids Courses

If you are looking for a fun and adventurous activity for young kids, our Discovery Courses are just what you are looking for! This activity is made for those aged 5 and up and that are over 45″ tall.



A fun and exciting experience!

While wearing a climbing harness and helmet, kids can make their way through our courses filled with wood bridges, balance logs, net walkways, mini ziplines, and much more, all suspended 3-5 ft off the ground. 

Adults are able to watch and cheer on their kids from the ground.

Activity Details

Reservations are required and can often be made for that same day.


Adults are required to be in the Discovery Course area with their kids at all times.


Adult Ratio: 1 adult in the area for every 6 kids (Schools: 1 adult for every 10 kids)

Minimum Age: 5 years

Minimum Height: 45 inches

Maximum Weight: 250 lbs

This adventure is available at the following parks

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Not old enough?

Kids younger than 5 will love Treewalk Village