Night Trek

Discover the treetops under a starry night sky, where a head lamp and the North Star will lead the way!

Up the ante!

Is climbing high in the trees on aerial games and ziplines during the day not exciting enough for you? Then why not try it at night!

Strap on a headlamp and lets go!



3-hour Zipline & Aerial Game Trek at Night: $69 per person


1-hour Red-Tailed Hawk Course Night Trek: $35 per person (only offered in Brampton)



Night Treks can be booked on any day with a group of at least 8 people, or come out in a small group during one of our Open Night Treks. See dates below.





Zipline & Aerial Game Trek at Night: 12 years and up


Red-Tailed Hawk at Night (Brampton): 9 years and up


Please note that one adult is required for every 2 youth between the ages of 9-15


Reservations are required. To book your Night Trek please call the parks directly or book any of the following Open Night Trek dates online, while spaces are available.



2023 Open Night Trek Schedule


May 6th – Stouffville – 7pm

May 6th – Brampton – 7pm

May 12th – Ganaraska – 7pm

May 20th – 1000 Islands -7:30pm

May 26th – Barrie – 7:30pm

May 27th– Huntsville – 7:30pm



June 2nd – Brampton – 7:30pm

June 3rd – Ganaraska – 7:30pm

June 9th – Stouffville – 7:30pm

June 10th -Huntsville – 7:30pm

June 16th – 1000 Islands – 7:30pm

June 17th – Barrie – 7:30pm

June 24th – Brampton – 7:30pm



July 7th – Stouffville – 7:30pm

July 8th – Huntsville – 7:30pm

July 14th – Ganaraska – 7:30pm

July 15th – Brampton – 7:30pm

July 21st – Barrie – 7:30pm

July 22nd – Stouffville – 7:30pm

July 28th – 1000 Islands – 7:30pm



August 4th – Huntsville – 7:30pm

August 5th – Brampton – 7:30pm

August 11th – Stouffville – 7:30pm

August 12th – Ganaraska – 7:30pm

August 18th – 1000 Islands – 7:30pm

August 19th – Barrie – 7:30pm

August 25th – Brampton – 7:30pm

August 26th – Stouffville – 7:30pm



September 8th – Barrie – 7:00pm

September 9th – Huntsville – 7:00pm

September 15th – Stouffville – 7:00pm

September 16th – Brampton – 7:00pm

September 22nd– Ganaraska – 7:00pm

September 23rd – 1000 Islands – 7:00pm



October 6th – Stouffville – 6:30pm

October 7th – Barrie – 6:30pm

October 14th – 1000 Islands – 6:30pm

October 20th – Brampton – 6:30pm

October 21st – Ganaraska – 6:30pm

This adventure is available at the following parks

Plan your Night Trek Adventure!

Please call the park you wish to visit, to arrange for your night time adventure!