Stouffville Park

Team Building

Treetop Trekking offers fun and effective 2-hour team building programs at our Barrie, Brampton, Ganaraska and Stouffville locations. These can be done on their own or packaged with a 3-hour aerial course tour. Choose one ore more of the options below to make a customized teambuilding program that is just right for you group.

Teambuilding activities at Treetop Trekking in Huntsville are offered by Adventures in Excellence.  

Team Building options at Treetop Trekking include:

Group Dynamics

Participate in a variety of challenges and activities designed to build team spirit, improve problem-solving skills, and develop communication skills. Experienced and entertaining guides will select activities based on your groups goals.  This activity is perfect to get the day started, or for newly formed groups who need some ‘ice-breakers’ before diving into the more involved teambuilding activities. All of our team building programs have time set aside at the end to discuss the new skills that have been developed and how these can be brought back and applied in the workplace.


Survival Challenge

(Barrie and Ganaraska Only)

A team that can survive in the wild on their own can succeed at just about anything else! Join Treetop Trekking for this exciting team building program where you and your group will work as a team and use everyone’s skills to survive being lost in the woods. Complete survival challenges like building a shelter, purifying water, and transporting an injured group member. As with all of our team building programs, time will be set aside at the end to discuss the new skills that have been developed and how these can be brought back and applied in the workplace.

This program is specially designed to give all members of your team a feeling of belonging, team spirit, and leadership. All of the challenges are completed as a team with the goal of improving communication, confidence and your group’s ability to work together towards a common goal.


Low Ropes

(Ganaraska Only)

Teams will unite and realize each others hidden strengths while solving challenges in our Low Ropes area. All members of the team will bring different skills to the table to solve puzzles that require a variety of mental and physical strengths. Take on the Giant Teeter-Totter, Low V and other innovative games that are elevated slightly off the ground. This team building activity requires the highest level of trust amongst participants and is extremely effective at helping groups to work together as a unit, develop communication skills and form a sense of team spirit.

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